Tips to Maximize Your Kitchen Space

Dated: January 22 2024

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Posted by Sharon Fennell Kennedy: Monday, January 22, 2024: St. Petersburg, FL: Pinellas County

Lack of storage space and countertop workspace can be challenges in smaller kitchens, making every inch count a priority. Here are helpful tips and storage solutions from RE/MAX to help transform your small kitchen into a fully functioning space.

Find gadgets that free up countertops.

Minimal counter space can be a challenge for the at-home chef, and storing things like small appliances and produce on your countertops eats away at available working space. Staying organized can help alleviate stress and create the feeling of a larger, more efficient kitchen. If your countertops feel cluttered, storage solutions like pantry bins, drawer dividers, a rotating spice rack, mountable shelves, and an over-the-sink dish drain can keep items organized – and even out of sight.

Expand your working space.

Need more room to chop, dice and mince? Invest in a cutting board that covers the sink. Best of all, any mess will be an easy cleanup when the cooking is done; or consider adding a compact, moveable island or cart that can add valuable counter space and storage. In smaller kitchens, the addition of a portable island can create the experience of a 360° area.

Make seating versatile.

Does the size or layout of your kitchen limit seating options? There are alternatives to a traditional kitchen table that may better fit your unique space. If your kitchen is outfitted with built-in bar seating, you may not need to add a table. Or, if you have space for an island, consider one that can comfortably fit chairs or bar stools on its perimeter. For a more traditional table, consider a folding style that stores small and can be expanded when needed. Some may consider a table that mounts to the wall and can double as decorative space, storage, or even a home office.

Use the walls.

Running out of room? Go vertical! Blank wall space presents abundant opportunity to get creative and generate storage. Consider implementing things like pegboards and floating shelves. Plus, try mounting a magnetic knife holder, adding hooks underneath cabinets to hang coffee mugs, and putting up an overhead rack to hang pots and pans.

Don’t skip out on food prep.

Especially when hosting multiple guests, one of the best ways to move fluidly in a smaller space and free up appliances is by prepping some dishes ahead of time. If you have the space to store precooked components of a meal, you’ll save yourself stove and oven space the day of the gathering.

Make use of other spaces for your guests.

Ever heard the phrase “too many cooks in the kitchen”? This can feel especially true when cooking and entertaining at the same time. If you’re hosting an event and don’t have a large kitchen space, avoid gathering your guests in the kitchen so you have room to finish preparing the meal. When possible, draw guests to the table or living room until the food is ready.

Bottom Line: Maximizing space in a small kitchen starts with decluttering. It’s as simple as tossing food storage containers without lids, purging your cupboards of expired foods, and cleaning out your kitchen junk drawer of items you don’t need any more and use drawer dividers for items you want to keep.

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